Supply Chain Logistics Management 4th Edition Test Bank


Supply Chain Logistics Management 4th Edition Test Bank



Supply Chain Logistics Management 4th Edition Test Bank





  • What is the primary reason that time to market has decreased over the past two decades:

A – Improvement in Federal Highways

B – Better Sea Ports

C – Development of Double Stack Containers

D – Information Technology**


  • A Supply Chain is best described by which of the following:

A – A group of cooperative carriers

B – A group of collaborative companies**

C – A formal association of competitive companies

D – Two firms who create a strategic alliance


  • Which of the following best describes an integrative supply chain process:

A – Something that links together independent parts

B – A concept that identifies independent parts

C – A conglomeration of functions

D – The fusion of critical components of a supply chain**


  • The concept of postponement:

A – Involves two organizations working together to delay delivery

B – Involves strategic delay of the delivery

C – Seeks to reduce the risk of delivery

D – Seeks to reduce the risk of anticipation**


  • Collaboration is the act of:

A – Sharing secret information

B – Working with competitors

C – Integrating a supply chain**

D – Legal in selected supply chain arrangements


  • An integrated service supplier (ISP) seeks to:

A – Provide critical operational functionality in a supply chain**

B – Specializes in providing a specialized service

C – Typically brings together two otherwise separate functions

D – None of the above


  • The lowest total process cost is:

A – Always the sum of the lowest cost for each involved function

B – Is the lowest cost for each involved function

C – May be the lowest cost for each involved function**

D – Typically involves careful cost integration


  • The Anticipatory Business Model is best described by which statement:

A – Driven by forecast**

B – Driven by information technology

C – Builds on the principles of time-based competition

D – Is a low risk strategy


  • Geographic postponement is characterized by:

A – Timely manufacturing

B – Timely delivery**

C – Timely commitment to design

D – None of the above


  • Cash-to Cash Conversion:

A – Is typically related to inventory turn**

B – Is related to freight payment

C – Is the time required to convert raw materials into finished inventory

D – Is a measure of manufacturing efficiency


  • What is dwell time:

A – A key component of system design

B – The ratio of asset idle time to total time required to complete a mission**

C – The total time inventory is waiting to be processed.

D – A key concept in manufacturing efficiency


  • The internet has increased business-to-business connectivity (False)


  • Perfect orders are limited to firms committed to integrated supply chain

management (False)


  • Supply Chain Management promotes a network of highly efficient independent

businesses (True)


  • There are eight critical supply chain processes (True)


  1. Collaboration is a fundamental part of Supply Chain Management (True)
  2. A third party service supplier is also a public warehouse (False)
  3. Process specialization involves the same concepts as vertical integration (False)
  4. The principle of postponement is new to the discipline of logistics (False)
  5. Form and time postponement are fundamentally the same concept (False)
  6. Geographic postponement is directly linked to dependable delivery (True)
  7. Cash-to-Cash conversion is an efficiency measurement (False)
  8. Free cash spin is an important operational measure (False)
  9. Increased operational responsiveness is directly related to information technology (True)
  10. Enterprise extension is a diversification strategy (False)
  11. Vertical integration and supply chain extension are essentially the same concepts (False)




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